Contract to build unique laser system for ELI Beamlines centre signed

The Czech Academy of Sciences’ Physics Institute has signed a contract with a US-European consortium, led by the US National Energetics company, for the development and delivery of a unique laser system for the ELI Beamlines centre. The 10-PW laser system will be one of the key technology elements of the facility. The world’s most efficient laser will produce the brightest pulses of light ever generated, with the intensity exceeding about 10 times values currently available from the existing lasers. According to the director of the Czech Academy of Sciences’ Physics Institute Jan Řídký, its costs are expected to amount to 40 million US dollars. The construction of the ELI Beamlines centre in Dolní Břežany began in 2012. The centre is set to begin operation in 2016.

Author: Ruth Fraňková