Constitutional and Supreme court heads say state should compensate H-system clients

The President of the Constitutional Court Pavel Rychetský has said that the highly publicized case in which the clients of the now bankrupt construction company H-system have been ordered out of their homes by a ruling of the Supreme Court points to a failure of the judiciary and the state in the 1990s.

Both Rychetský and the President of the Supreme Court Pavel Šámal, who met with President Miloš Zeman to discuss the highly controversial verdict, said that in this case it was up to the state to intervene and compensate the clients in the case. The court is not in a position to settle this manner fairly for everyone, Rychetský said.

During their meeting President Zeman was reportedly critical of the fact that it had taken Czech courts twenty years to deal with the case, a fact that contributed to the plight of those involved.

The families ordered out of their homes claim the verdict is unfair since they each lost a huge investment, completed the unfinished homes at their own expense and would now have to vacate the property.

The administrator wants their apartments to be sold off to the benefit all of the altogether 1,000 duped clients of the bankrupt H-System.