Communists seek ouster of ministers of foreign affairs, transport, health

The Communist Party, whose support Prime Minister Andrej Babiš’s (ANO) minority government relies upon, is pushing for the ouster of three ministers.

Party leader Vojtěch Filip told journalists after a meeting of the Communist executive committee on Friday that they want to see Foreign Minister Tomáš Petříček (Social Democrats) replaced, along with Transport Minister Dan Ťok and Health Minister Adam Vojtěch (both on the ANO ticket).

Among other things, Mr Filip claimed that Minister Petříček has been acting contrary to the national interest and in violation of international law as regards his policy towards Venezuela, by pushing for recognising interim president Juan Guaidó as the country’s legitimate leader.

As for the transport minister, they object to his handling of the D1 motorway expansion, search for a toll supplier, and an attempt to sell ČD Cargo, part of Czech Railways.

The Communists have threated to withdraw their tolerance of the minority ANO-Social Democrat government on several occasions if their demands were not met. Mr Filip and PM Babiš are due to meet for talks next week.

Author: Brian Kenety