Civic Democrats formally back Sobotka for president

The Czech Civic Democrats have formally backed the former Senate President, and current deputy Senate head, Přemysl Sobotka for their party’s nomination in the Czech presidential race. According to PM Petr Nečas, Sobotka enjoys the full support of all Civic Democrat MPs and Senators; the endorsement comes on the back of the Czech Senator emerging victorious from the party’s presidential primaries against former governor Evžen Tošenovský at the end of June. Sobotka is one of around a dozen candidates for the 2013 Czech presidential elections, which will be decided by a popular vote for the first time in history. Recent polling suggests Sobotka will have a hard time against independent candidates, specifically Jan Fischer, who leads the pack in current polls. Analysts suggest that corruption scandals make independents favoured over major party candidates by a wide margin for 2013.

Author: Dominik Jůn