Chancellor owns property worth hundreds of millions of crowns - reports

The president’s chancellor, Vratislav Mynář, owns property and other assets worth hundreds of millions of crowns, according to news site iDnes, citing the chancellor’s tax declaration. The story was also reported by Czech Radio on Friday.

According to iDnes, the chancellor owns 125 plots of land, shares in Unipetrol and Pražská teplárenská and has around 13.5 million crowns in the bank. He is owed some 60 million crowns he lent to his own companies. The report confirmed he also owned a building at Prague Castle worth around 70 million crowns, a villa in Strašnice, and property in Brno.

The chancellor has routinely made headlines since the start of his tenure – and faced continued criticism – for not having the level of security clearance required for the post.

Author: Jan Velinger