ČEZ paid most corporate income tax last year

Energy company ČEZ paid the highest amount of corporate income tax to the state last year, according to a chart annually compiled by the Finance Ministry. The second highest payers were bank Česká spořitelna and car maker Škoda Auto. Škoda moved to the second place last year from the eighth place in 2010. Česká spořitelna also placed second in 2010. Telecommunications company Telefonica Czech Republic came fourth and rival T-Mobile came fifth. T-Mobile slid to the fifth place in 2011 from the third place in the previous year. The chart is compiled by the Finance Ministry every year as a form of appreciation of companies that contribute the highest amounts of money to public budgets. Last year, the tax administration collected more than 109 billion in corporate income tax, of which around 82 billion went to the state budget.