Česko v Datech: Czechs among top ten smokers in the world

The Czech Republic ranks seventh in the world in terms of cigarette consumption according to the online data project Česko v datech. The ranking was created by dividing the number of cigarettes purchased in each country by the number of its population over the age of 15. The ratio in the Czech Republic amounts to 2,428 cigarettes per person annually. According to a press release by the website, most Czech smokers are pensioners and up to a fifth of deaths in the country can be attributed to cigarette smoking.

Andorra topped the list with 6,398 cigarettes per person. However, the authors point out that in the case of the small principality, the data is likely skewed by French and Spanish citizens purchasing cheaper cigarettes there.

The country with the smallest ratio is Brunei with just 10 cigarettes per person annually.

Author: Tom McEnchroe