Bungled international police operation might cost Czech driver his job

A Czech truck driver, who was arrested in Turkey on December 24 in a dodged international police operation, might lose his job, the Czech news agency ČTK reported on Thursday. The man, who works for a Czech transport company, was hired to deliver to Istanbul a load of chemicals that are used in drugs processing. The delivery was part of an international anti-drug operation run by the Slovak police; however, the authorities failed to inform the Czech truck driver or his company, and the unsuspecting driver was arrested by Turkish police and banned from entering Turkey for a year. But his company only delivers goods to or through Turkey, which means the driver will probably have to look for a new job.

Slovak press on Thursday blamed the country’s police for using the Czech driver in an international anti-narcotics operation without sharing the details with Czech police. The owner of the Czech transport firm said he would ask Slovak authorities for an explanation and damages.

Author: Jan Richter