Babiš tells MPs ahead of no-confidence vote he won’t resign over “pseudo-affair”

Ahead of Friday’s no-confidence vote in his government, Prime Minister Andrej Babiš said in an emotional speech before parliament that the “lies” journalists had spread about the “kidnapping” or coerced disappearance of his son had trigged the vote, and he has no intention of resigning.

The opposition had initiated the vote following Mr Babiš’s son saying in an interview that he was deliberately kept abroad to avoid him being questioned about his father’s alleged illegal use of EU subsidies worth about 2 million euro. The Czech prime minister insists that his son is mentally ill and went to Crimea during the period in question of his own free will.

The no-confidence vote is due to fail as the junior coalition party, the Social Democrats, will abstain from the vote, and the opposition is nine votes short of the 101 needed for the move to pass. However, the Social Democrats are calling for Mr. Babiš to resign and for another member of his ANO party to take up the post.

In his speech to the lower house, Mr Babiš said he would never step down over this “pseudo-affair” and again accused journalists of exploiting his son’s condition to obtain what he called “a false and unethical report.”

Author: Brian Kenety