Babiš slams Hüner for bungling memorandum talks with EMH

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš has criticized Trade and Industry Minister Tomáš Hüner for failing to consult with the government the decision that the Czech Republic and the Australian-based metals company, European Metals Holdings (EMH) would sign an addendum to the memorandum on lithium mining in the Czech Republic.

The memorandum, which was signed by the former trade minister, has come under fire from several parties including Prime Minister Babiš’ ANO party for allegedly selling out the country’s national interests. Minister Hüner said following talks with EMH representatives last week that the interested parties had clarified their positions on the memorandum, its interpretation as well as the legal implications and would sign an addendum to the document within a week.

The Communist Party which is considering supporting or tolerating the prime minister’s new government was so outraged by the news it threatened to withdraw from the talks.