Babiš: Final EU report could reach opposite conclusion

Andrej Babiš says a European Commission report alleging conflict of interest on his part is only preliminary and that a final report could reach the opposite conclusion. The Czech PM made the comment in an interview with Saturday’s edition of Právo.

Mr. Babiš said that once a Czech translation of the document had been produced in one month’s time it would be analysed closely by the ministries of finance and regional development, which would have two months to respond. The European Commission would send a final version of its audit at the same time, he said.

The European Commission’s preliminary report says he has command of two trust funds via which he controls the Agrofert group, placing him in conflict of interest.

The Czech prime minister also told Právo that he would not stand down even if the state prosecutor’s office filed criminal charges against him for abusing EU subsidies in connection with a hotel and conference centre. The police have recommended that step.

Author: Ian Willoughby