Average Prague residential rental price hits CZK 340 per sqm

Average rents in Prague rose by 3 percent last year to CZK 340 per square metre, a slower pace than in the previous year, according to Trigema, a leading developer.

The steepest average rise was in Prague 7 (11.4 percent) followed by Prague 1 (by 8.5 percent) and Prague 3 (by 8.1 percent).

The highest average rents were in the city centre, at CZK 433 per sqm in Prague 1 and CZK 389 per sqm in Prague 2. The lowest were in Prague 9 (CZK 299 per sqm) and Prague 10 (CZK 303 per sqm).

The number of available rental units in Prague fell by 15 percent year-on-year to 6,324 last year, according to Trigema.

Author: Brian Kenety