Attempted murder suspect Lukáš Nečesaný awarded CZK 1.2mn, apology

Lukáš Nečesaný, a Czech man charged in 2013 with the attempted murder of a hairdresser in Hořice, East Bohemia, has been awarded 1.2 million crowns in damages and an apology. He is seeking a further 18.8 million crowns in for non-material harm, his lawyer said.

Nečesaný spent two years behind bars before he was released from prison in November 2017, after a regional court ruled there was insufficient evidence to prove his guilt. On three previous occasions, he had been found guilty, each time filing an appeal.

The hairdresser, who was knocked unconscious during a robbery, did not at first identify Nečesaný, then a secondary school student, as the perpetrator. According to court experts, she suffered from memory loss after the assault.

Author: Brian Kenety