Apollo 11 mission videomapped on Prague TV Tower

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission and first landing on the Moon, the TV Tower in Prague’s Žižkov district will host a virtual space launch this Saturday evening, via a videomapping project.

At 22:17 – the exact moment the Apollo lunar module Eagle landed on the Moon – an array of targeted lights and sounds will transform the TV tower into a faithful replica of the 1969 launch site, and recreate the mission launch, journey to and landing on the Moon.

Ahead of the projection are a series of concerts, lectures, interviews and workshops at the adjacent Mahlerovy sady park. The videomapping will be repeated at the same time on Sunday.

Two exhibitions in Prague are also commemorating 50 years since the Moon landing. The Apollo 11 lunar model is on display at the Planetarium, a moonstone is at the Štefánik Observatory.

Author: Brian Kenety