“Any discussion on quota unacceptable”, says Hamáček amid suspicions of debate restart

The Czech Interior Minister Jan Hamáček has dismissed the chances of any new refugee plan that would include their settlement across EU member states according to an automatic relocation of asylum seekers based around quota. The statement follows suggestions that his German counterpart Horst Seehofer will seek to renew the debate on reforming the EU’s asylum system.

According to news site Politico, Mr. Seehofer sent a four page document to fellow EU member states last week, which includes the idea of an automatic relocation of asylum seekers. In an interview with Czech Radio, Interior Minister Hamáček said that the unofficial document does not explicitly mention the quota system, but does suggest such a move.

The Czech Republic as well as the other Visegrad Four member has been a strong critic of the quota system, arguing that it would only encourage more immigration.

Author: Tom McEnchroe