Anti-Babiš protest organiser ready to go on if next major protest is ignored

The chief organiser of the recent countrywide wave of protests calling for the resignation of the Czech justice and prime ministers, Mikuláš Minář, told Czech Television on Tuesday that his group A Million Moments for Democracy is ready for a “long-haul race” if it comes to it. He implied that the demonstrations are likely to continue if the demands set out by the protesters are not taken into consideration after what is expected to be the largest protest yet, on Prague’s Letná Plain on June 23.

Mr. Minář was unwilling to go into the details of what his group plans to do next. However, he said that it respects the result of the elections and the right of Mr. Babiš’s party to be in charge of the government, but with a different prime minister who is not burdened by the current leader’s affairs.

Author: Tom McEnchroe