ANO party standing behind Andrej Babiš in wake of Pandora Papers revelation

The ANO party is standing firmly behind its leader, Andrej Babiš, in the matter of the Pandora Papers investigation according to which Mr. Babiš transferred almost 400 million crowns through offshore companies to buy a chateau in the south of France. The head of the ANO deputies club in the lower house, Jaroslav Faltýnek, who called a meeting of the club to discuss the matter, said that Andrej Babiš did not commit tax evasion or violate the law in any way and Czech taxpayers did not lose a single crown as a result of his transactions. Mr. Faltýnek told reporters the revelation had clearly been timed with a view to influencing the Czech public ahead of this week's general elections .

The Czech prime minister has defended himself saying he had made the transactions twelve years ago, before he entered politics, and stressed that at the present time he did not own any offshore firms or property in France. Nevertheless, the police is looking into the allegations.