All travellers arriving at Czech airports will be screened for ebola symptoms

All passengers arriving at airports in Prague, Brno, Pardubice and Karlovy Vary will be screened for the symptoms of ebola, the country’s National Security Council has ruled. The move should lead to gaining more information about travellers to allow the health authorities to quickly identify high-risk individuals. All travellers will be asked to fill in cards prior to their arrival, stating where they have been in the last 42 days; foreign nationals will also report their destination within the Czech Republic. Any passenger who has visited a country in equatorial Africa will have their temperature measured at the airport. The council also decided to activate an army health care facility to serve as a reserve hospital for patients with ebola. The Czech authorities have registered several suspected ebola cases which have all tested negative for the infection disease. The screenings are set to start on October 21.

Author: Jan Richter